Not knowing, testing

Mis à jour : 17 oct. 2019

The ability to acquire new knowledge will be worth more than the knowledge already learned

It is simpler and less dangerous for your personality to notice the defects of others.

So I would start there.

Have you ever met a manager who reproduces the same organization as in his previous company?

No luck, it's not the same product and market anymore. Where he was competent before, he may no longer be the right person now.

The developer or the CTO who wants to use a technology because he knows it well?

It's nice to use a virtual machine on a server, but this is a watch that people will have on the handle.

Recruit users by investing massively online?

Yes, but when it comes to exchanges between humans. We are no longer talking about the quality or durability of the product but about more subtle elements that an image can more difficult to transcribe

These defects, we have them all ourselves. To avoid them, it is necessary to communicate and help each other to understand, learn, test.

You don't know, test it.