How to identify your soft skills and enhance them?

Dernière mise à jour : 17 oct. 2019

Faced with problems that sometimes include numerous, entangled or even contradictory data, we need brains capable of determining what really matters.

The pitch technique is nowadays the ideal tool to present yourself and your project by highlighting your soft skills.

The unwinding of a pitch

1. Expose the problems Soft skill: Your ability to present important points in a simple way, your different approach that will make a difference. In other words, make it easier for your audience to understand

2. Criticism of existing solutions Soft skill: Allow to open the eyes of your audience by analyzing the elements and presenting the flaws. Valuing critical thinking

3. Creativity Soft skill: Your ability to invent a new approach to solving problems. It is about telling a story with a happy ending.

4. Execution Softs skills: Your ability to bring a team together to share a vision and coordinate the execution of your project towards a common goal

5. Adapt, succeed Soft skill: Your ability to find the balance between the ideal and what can be done. The notion of the whole by including the other is important, even if the latter is not entirely convinced

The pitch of your project will highlight your approach, your ability to organize yourself but also will allow the promotion of your soft kills.